A tenth of an inch
Sunday January 24th 2016, 12:14 am
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“The National Weather Service said 26.8 inches of snow had fallen in Central Park by midnight on Saturday, a mere one-tenth of an inch below the record set when 26.9 inches of snow piled up in February 2006.”

Friday January 22nd 2016, 11:37 pm
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Just the one, really, but I couldn’t resist the joy division nod. Just shy of ten years since I got a phone call whilst in Westchester on my way to Vermont, the call to offer the job that’s since been a quarter of my life. On the other hand, 13 months to the day since small and opinionated arrived, small and, well, opinionated. I know where I was a decade ago, in some ways, but I struggle to remember the details of the experience. I remember the despair and the elation, but not the grind. I remember the desperate desire to get the job, but not quite how I got there in the first place. I remember the campus visit and the getting sick afterwards, and the buying of the interview tie and the “you won’t be happy doing only this for ever” conversation with Chick in Black Tights, but I don’t know what I _said_, what I talked about or thought about. I know what I worried about, desired, but not how I lived about, walked about.

A quick check of the archive reveals no archive. I was too busy with the present to muck about with the oddly dissociative ramblings about the past and/or desire to make or stake some future in those months. Too broke, too, between the Wall Street sweatshop and the glory of the December construction/January teaching.

It was the “Snow storm of the century” that hit the weekend of Feb. 11, 2006. I’d been in LA the previous weekend, interviewing the 2nd and 3rd and falling terribly ill the 4th. But, back at teaching, and despite the forecast, we went. And went skiing. And Tom called. And I threw my head back in the snow and said “oh my fucking god. I did it.” A lot.

No TPT, but emails. This evening’s re-readings courtesy gmail. And the weeks weren’t particularly smooth. As YCT observed this evening, I was more prickly then. Yes. That. Very much that. Those emails are sharp on re-reading a decade later. Gracious, in places, but sharp. Leaner, hungrier, in literal and figurative senses.

Decades indeed.

Less nostalgic than usual
Friday January 01st 2016, 12:16 am
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Perhaps because of the radiator I bottomed out while pulling on to the Angeles crest highway, or the 4 plus hours I spent waiting for a tow truck (YCT and himself having been rescued at the 2 hour mark) on Tuesday, or the two grand I sank into keeping harmony amongst familial factions last week, or the very very bloody cut in his gums that he managed to inflict upon himself this afternoon, I’m pretty chill with this evening being a year passing. His birthday seemed more momentous, a year in his life, and only secondarily mine. The school year has always outweighed the calendar year, and I guess they’ve slipped to third and fourth.

So. Lo. Hwaet. Not much to see or to say. Endured? Enjoyed? Enlightened? No need for summary, or redacted reductiveness, so that’ll be that.

Farewell again to the dead, hello again to the newly living.