on the 700th playing of Pat Metheny’s “A Map of the World”
Tuesday January 05th 2010, 9:31 am
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Only the first track, really; the play counts trail down to a mere 243 by the last track (the 28th) of the album.  Starting at track 9, the play count falls off as many as 25 to 30 between tracks.  Presumably because I get up off my ass and do something.  Morning music, first played for me by a friend in Ravenscourt Park, in a London and a life only hazily remembered.  I got this laptop in August 2006, so rounding to 1252 days, I’ve listened to the first track just under 56% of the time.  That’s mornings only, as well, and presumably made up for by all the time spent away, not going through my snail-slow routine of coffee (no longer biccies, alas), newspaper, wob.  Whatever.  I’m under-caffeinated, and on my way to Blighty day after tomorrow.  Much to do, much to do.