Saturday October 17th 2009, 2:27 pm
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My first un-work-filled weekend in ages, light hangover, lightly thoughtful.  I spent years of my life desperate  to get out of HelLA, and many, many more years working as hard as I could to not be from here, let alone to not be here.  3 years 2 months, now, I’ve been back.  How is this acceptable?  Yes, it’s better than one of the Dakotas, and I’m doing the right things to be moving the right direction (out), but ferfark’s sake.  Hurry up already.

too clever by half, a third, a fifth
Friday October 16th 2009, 11:28 pm
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Fricking Avishai Cohen.  I can’t even count this shit.  3 against 4?  5 against 7?  I can follow the pulse, except when I’m utterly fucking lost.  Side note, to the more rhythmically inclined amongst you:  using an mp3 player visualizer (which I haven’t done since I was last high, which put us back yonks) makes for entertaining results, as bits flash on the three, four, five, seven, and nine.  It’s as confused as I am, which in my lightly (but pleasantly) inebriated state, is cheering.

So, it quacks.  That was the quality cut-off over the last few days – it didn’t have to actually _be_ a chapter, just quack like one.  There’s time for additions, emendations, revisions, and any other fucking -ions I feel like.  It just had to quack.  And, lo, it quacks.  Complete with lofty rhetoric at the end, that ties it back in to the beginning.  Quack.  And, thus, some fizz, followed by other fermented beverages.  Yay fermentation!  Better living through chemistry, indeed.

Three weeks until a conference paper, here in localsville.  I never meant to give this paper; I replied “yes” to an email when in Rome, on the moon of honey-ness, and thought I was saying yes to chairing a session.  Imagine my rude surprise when the email arrived about 6 weeks ago, asking me what my title was going to be, for the programme.  Pah.

Dunno.  “You sound like spoiled child,” she said, and though she was utterly wrong, she also wasn’t.  I used be better at balancing my inequities, at scrimping to splurge, splurging to scrimp, always paying the piper.  The days, months, years pass, and I’m less willing, interested, committed, to shuffling those things around.  Old?  Or merely lazy?  Hmmm.

Saturday October 10th 2009, 12:26 pm
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Not quite as annoying as Jason Fucking Bentley, but pretty fucking annoying.  So, committee yay or no, the chapter shall be drafted by Friday.  Six days, for those of you playing “will he finish it in time” bingo at home.  Go ahead, put a chip on the number “6” if it’s on your card.  Big prizes!  Anyway, chapter is pretty tight, until the very last bit, where it stalls out a bit, mostly because it needs Grist for the Mill.  I’ve been circling around this particular text, indeed a particular page, which is inaccessible because it’s in Snooty English Library, and I’m well, here.  But!  The wonders of Inter Library Loan and my own stubbornness turned up a microfilm of the text in SEL, which arrived yesterday!  Hark, I said, there’s hope!  Except, of course, it arrived at 4:50, the microfilm has been designated as “library use only” and the fricking microfilm room closes at 5 on Fridays.  Oh, and thanks to budget cuts, is close all day today, as well.  FUUUUUUUUUCK.  In the 5 minutes I had, I desperately tried to locate page 125.  Only to discover the damn thing is unpaginated.  Ever try to count pages as they scroll by as quickly as you can on a microfilm reader?  Not easy.  I was almost there, but the uppity undergrad who was manning the desk (and undoubtedly makes bupkus) wanted to leave.  So, not wanting to be asshole professor, I left.  FUUUUUUUUUCK.  That said, the whole book looks pretty damn intriguing, not just the one folio, so there might be hope for an out-of-the-ballpark final part to the chapter.  Or, it just ends with a whimper.  I’m easy, either way.  Back to (other), less productive, less exciting work. Although I’m beginning to plan my 3 (!!!!!!) trips to Ingerland come the new year.  Places I’ve said I’ll go to look at books: Gloucester, York, Durham, Lincoln, Edinburgh, Aberystwyth, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Maidstone and Wisbech (don’t ask on those last two.)  Places I actually manage to work?  We’ll see.

Wednesday October 07th 2009, 11:15 am
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yeah.  about that silence.  it’ll probably continue.  The poodle scratches himself vigorously.  Did I mention we got a poodle puppy?  he’s pretty damn cute.  I wonder about lengthy trips, though, feeling it both unfair to YCT to upsticks and leave her with the dog, and also unfair to LD (library dog; don’t ask) to leave him kennelled or YCTBrothered for too long.  Who knows, though.  Deadlines made and deadlines missed, invitations offered, accepted, declined.  And renewal of deadline missed, perhaps, for next Friday.  Dunno. I miss smoking.  I miss England.  I miss weather.