Home is where the books are
Thursday July 17th 2008, 2:56 am
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But there are many books, and some of them, alas, don’t travel. And thus some part of me will always be here, embedded in a cycle of access and loss, open books and closed doors. I’m exhausted, jet lagged, wired, and groggy all at the same time. So I present to you a picture. Of a sculpture. That my friend texted me last night. Of an Antony Gormeley bust on Crosby beach. Off to wander. Although the complete lack of image placement control and text flow is almost enough to keep me here to geek out to correct it. But I think I’m hungry.

Spartan’s Arrow, Swifter, etc.
Tuesday July 15th 2008, 10:20 am
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Off to Ingerland in 6 hours. Packing for a month in Little Green (the replacement to Little Red, which died in Notting Hill on the way back to the airport last April, a timely and noble death), which is a bit challenging. But fuck it – I used to travel for 4 to 6 weeks with shit stuffed in a single army surplus backpack. The fine line between over and under packed, when space is limited. The head is kind of shitty today, but fuck it. A column to edit (don’t ask), hair gel to buy, and maybe a quick shopping trip for an extra sweater if there’s time. Which I suspect there will be. 45 minutes to pack. Kinda scary. But 2+ weeks of manuscripts and friends and pubs and long walks around a country, around places, where my heart lives. And then another stretch, of wedding, family, and quiet time with YCT in the Yorkshire Dales (and maybe a quick manuscript run to Durham…..). Trembling with excitement, but also anxiety. Not sure why. I miss it so. “Both of us know that that’s impossible / and both of us know that I could make you rue the day/ But I could never make you stay / Not for all the tea in China.”