Tuesday May 27th 2008, 6:27 pm
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Well, the brain MRI was clear: no cancer. The good doctor Manson did formulate it a bit oddly, “Looking at the scan, all the parts of your brain that are supposed to be there are, and there’s no sign of anything else.” It never fucking occurred to me to worry that there were parts of my brain missing, rather than stressing over the Big C. But whatever. Still dizzy, of course, but if it lasts another week he’ll send me on to the next guy. The downside, I suppose, is that all these sick and twisted thoughts can’t be attributed to anything except my sick and twisted self, au naturel. But fuck it, I was already OK with that. A long two weeks I’m glad are over.

tempest in a teapot!
Monday May 26th 2008, 8:59 am
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Your standard, run-of-the-mill hatchet job, but translated from MLA to Kalamazoo, home of those wacky medievalists. If your art is short, your life long, and you give a rat’s ass, witness this article, followed by a few different replies both hither and thither…

Web rubbish
Sunday May 25th 2008, 10:20 am
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I really need to re-do this site, so I can add a links bar. And a rotating “quote of the day/month/season/drinking session” space somewhere. That, for once, unlike all the times I’ve done so in the past, actually archives and preserves said quotations. MRI was loud and rhythmically uninteresting. Very disappointing, that. At least I’m definitely not claustrophobic, as being shoved in a small tunnel for half and hour demonstrated nicely.

Anyway, back in ’92, whilst in the recently renamed St Petersburg, we were gonna buy a Lada. I think it was going to be something like $200 for a car, but we balked at the shipping. It wouldn’t have been that expensive, really, but we might have needed better language skills to make it all work. Anyway, check out the new Lada reliability video (on a fabulously random site filled with improbably Commie delights) here.

oh, i get it
Thursday May 22nd 2008, 7:28 pm
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Driving home this evening, feeling profoundly sick to my stomach. “I wonder why,” I thought, “might it be lunch? Stage 3 of the patch? Anxiety at the end of the year.” Ah, blessed ignorance, however momentary. It’s the fucking MRI of the brain I’m getting tomorrow night. First, though, a faculty meeting. Then, a contract to sign for a venue for next year’s wedding festivities (and a chunk of cash to hand over, of course). Then a long and awkward wait for….wait for it…..a fucking MRI of the brain. It’s not as if I do anything with mine. Never been all that fond of it. Damn it, when I want my brain to go wonky, I’ll choose my timing and my poison, thank you very much. Not so fond of the other, and neither prognosticatory yay nor nay are terribly thrilling. Sigh. The world will end at 10; details coming up at 11.

dizzy and busy
Thursday May 15th 2008, 8:39 am
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“It’s probably nothing. Or a brain tumor. But there’s no need to worry, yet.” said my doctor on Monday, with the bedside manner and charm of Charles Manson. I’m sticking with “probably nothing” while I wait for further (actually, any) tests, so don’t fret. But it’s annoying as fuck – I have been been dizzy/wrong/spinning/discombobulated/disoriented/out of focus/how the hell do you put it into words when the world is wrong? for about a week and a half now. Back on my unsteady feet now that this hasn’t miraculously gone away, cuz, well, shit, it hasn’t miraculously gone away and there’s still shit to do. But TPT has been neglected. Apologies to the two of you who noticed. Week 7. Almost there.

Thursday May 01st 2008, 8:36 am
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Cuz when ain’t it?  The houseguest has left, and the equilibrium that I crave slowly becomes possible, again.  Slowly becomes something I can work towards.  Except for the grading.  Far and away my least favourite part of this whole job.  Largely because it involves confronting the reality of all that the students don’t understand, rather than drifting along in the pleasant presumptive cloud of, “Of course they understood everything in class today.  They just struggle to articulate their sophisticated thoughts sometimes.”  As opposed to the grading of papers, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck you little fucking moron no no no.”  Or something.

Too sober, too early, too little coffee, and plenty to do today.  Someday that grass will be cut, and this site will have a plan.