Monday February 04th 2008, 5:10 pm
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OK, so sometimes I get well behind on the New Yorker, and even the NY Times.  Moreover, I’m not a consistent reader of the Bestseller lists, as they mostly depress me (or make me mad, or envious).  Plus I’m rarely that interested in reading titles solely because of their best-selling status.  ANYWAY, as I was saying.  NY Times Book Review, Best Sellers, Jan. 20, 2008:4) World Without End, by Ken Follett…Love and intrigue..blah blah…Kingsbridge….blah blah…medieval English catehdral town.7) People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks….A rare-book expert…blah blah…secrets of a medieval manuscript. 8 ) Shadow Music, by Julie Garwood….In medieval Scotland….blah blah.and an honorary mention for14) The Venetian Betrayal, by Steve Berry….A former Justice Department…blah blah…the tomb of Alexander the Great….blah blah.GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!