repeats itself
Thursday January 18th 2007, 4:00 am
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“Our graduate students are too happy,” he said, “and we really must do something about that.” He proceeded to quote Martina Navratilova on Chris Evert (or, more likely, paraphrase), “Well, Chris is married now and seems really happy, which probably explains why her game has fallen off.” I’m both joyously vindicated and a little bit queasy. What you call “fallen off” I call failure….

two for one night
Monday January 15th 2007, 3:58 am
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(Still thinking of you, magda. there’s a hello, heartfelt, in the comments below). Brideshead Revisited isn’t fully downloaded, so refuses to play – it skips from the opening voice over to the end credits of the first episode, which is hardly satisfying. So, amongst the downloaded selection du jour, Igby Goes Down it is – Catcher in the Rye, barely updated, but with Claire Danes, which is a happy and a sad thing at the same time. Anyway, early on dialogue, talking about how failures serve as an example to us all (which, by the way, Plato and Boethius would both disagree with), the older brother comments, “Such as our father. Slippery when Schizophrenic.” Priceless. I really must get around to writing a monumental tortured angsty teen/20s story/novel/film before I lose the angst or any claim to remembering what it’s all about, beyond putting the left foot in and taking it out or somethingorrather.

Monday January 15th 2007, 2:31 am
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Just fucking great. What seemed to me to be a depression-related inability to get as much work done as I wanted to prompted a series of New Year’s “resolves” (_not_ resolutions, I would stress.) Including drinking less and working more. Now, my inability to get “enough” work done despite drinking less and working more is driving me to throw in the towel early this evening and start drinking. Clever, huh?

(Though along with insta-dinner and a bottle of wine I picked up, from Trader Joe’s, a card that is pure genius. It reads: “Given enough coffee, I could rule the world!” So true. This house believes that, etc.)