Saturday May 27th 2006, 4:11 pm
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Moving, again. Again and again and again. New York: Arrived December, 2004. Scheduled departure date: August, 2006. Places lived: LES, UWS, West Village, 1 month of couch surfing in NoHo and Carroll Gardens, East Village, and now Carroll Gardens. Though for all practical purposes I’ve been living in Brooklyn Heights. Number of cabs taken to move the pitifully few belongings I have with me: Many. Number of times I’ve paid other people to move me: today. Number of times someone else will pay for me to move: coming up, in August. Formally, then, 5 apartments lived in, 3 crashed in, and 1 welcomed into full-time. 1 desk, 2 bookcases, 8 boxes, 2 suitcases. A small increase on the two suitcases and 2 boxes I started the NY adventure with, really. I can’t properly explain how tired I am of moving, of not knowing where I’ll be living or what I’ll be doing. All that has come to an end, of course, both (oddly) imminently and in the now. 2 months more in NY, a place still to find in LA, then at least 2 years, hopefully six, still more hopefully as long as I fucking want of job security. Household security, well, it’s all different now, and I think may stay that way. Yay! I’m in LOVE! Back to watch “College Educated Movers” move my shit for me for the princely sum of $100. And thank the fucking stars it ain’t me anymore…