the real bb
Friday July 30th 2004, 2:54 pm
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der unterground
Thursday July 29th 2004, 9:56 am
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Wednesday July 28th 2004, 4:52 pm
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Yuma? Berkeley? Iraq? And a dental floss tycoon in Montana? I thought I was farking nuts, but y’all are making me feel sane and sober. I appreciate those of you voting for the ‘self-interest’ locations, though the ‘mebbe he’ll die a slow and painful death’ vote is a bit rude. But what a help in making the decision…Anyway, off to NY tomorrow, and then conference, and then hell on earth in the final sprint. So I should perhaps finish the first, quintessentially, almost parodically, DFW story in the new collection of short stories. When a distinct voice and style verge on the self-parodying, it’s a bit disturbing. But lushly footnoted.

Wednesday July 28th 2004, 11:09 am
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camptown races here i come
Tuesday July 27th 2004, 2:58 pm
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Whither Next

Where shall I move to?
New York in Sept.
London until Dec., then NY
Other ideas

Tuesday July 27th 2004, 11:57 am
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Well, I’ve largely managed to avoid the endless, self-analysing posts here that I’d intended on avoiding. So much so, even, that I’m feeling the need to analyse said successful accomplishment. But not. Work continues, things almost ready for the conference, but the large panic is beginning to set in for What Happens After I Return(tm). What’s already been a sprinted marathon since May becomes a marathon sprint when After I Return(tm), with a mere 5 weeks to bring the whole thing into shape. Which is rather terrifying. My supervisor suggested I should run the bibliography by her before the end (ah, attention to detail the only thing that makes her truly happy. Though you should have seen her gloat in describing the 600 page glossary generated for her current editorial project. What a lovely retirement…). Running through merely cited sources in one chapter, I was a touch dismayed to see it ran to over 10 pages. Extrapolating, I’d expect the bibliography of cited sources only to run to some 50 pages, which seems a touch excessive, and doesn’t really address those non-cited works. Perhaps some form of compression is in order, or, gag, a ‘select’ bibliography. All of which seems like the sort of trivia I’m not quite allowed to focus on, yet, until the substance is inked and anchored. Or whatever. I committed the ultimate in indulgent procrastination yesterday: I bought a New Yorker. tsk tsk. OK. So it’s a fine line between self-analysis and babbling. What’d you expect?

Monday July 26th 2004, 4:09 pm
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Running out of time. Work work work work. Not at all even close to the groove I was in before the last conference. Rather than steady progress, it’s been a fits and starts process, which, although reminiscent of how my work always used to be, is 1) driving me nuts, and 2) somehow less convincing, both in terms of product and process. Sigh. work work work work. Largely posting this simply because the server was down earlier in the day, and I had to badger the hosting folks to re-install some perl modules that I’d badgered them to install in the first place. Badger. Hmm. Don’t mean to be offensive with that. Reminds me of that spurious lawsuit brought against the LA Times for using the phrase ‘to welsh on a bet’ as discriminatory and offensive language. Taffy was a Welshman, Tafffy was a thief. (I like the bit at the end, there, where the site solemnly informs the reader the song was ‘Traditionally sung on the 1st of March, St David’s Day, on the Welsh borders and other parts of England’.

Saturday July 24th 2004, 1:01 pm
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I began the evening yesterday firmly committed to some quality teenage angst time, having discovered my d/l’ed and VCD copies of MSCL would play on the house DVD player.Although only an episode an a half were consumed, due to an interruption by a fast talking flatmate’s friend, I took a copy ofCatcher in the Rye to bed (along with enough alcohol in my system to cause a fair amount of fuzziness this morning). Anyway, to make a long and pointless story short, my belated realisation that this site had been misnamed (ooh, I’d forgotten that particular entry had other connections. yikes.), that it was eleven point type rather than ten point type, has a rather apposite corollary. Namely, that Catcher itself is founded on a misquotation, a mis-remembered quotation, Burns’ ‘Gin a body meet a body coming through the rye’ rather than HC’s memory of it as ‘if a body catch a body’. So. It may be one quieter, but I’ve achieved some sort of perverse satisfaction out of the whole matter. And now, back to work…

de catastrophe waitress
Saturday July 24th 2004, 12:53 pm
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Friday July 23rd 2004, 11:13 am
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Yesterday, during a quick visit to the ford of Oxen, whilst wandering around the thoroughly residential streets of Summertown (as I was a handful of minutes early for my appointment), I came across this. On what had been an auto-repair shop, now closed, presumably because of its truly random location, this was written in white across a black wall facing the street:

More good news for Blair. It wasn’t piles; Hutton’s tongue was stuck up his arse.

Nothing beats good political graffiti in improbable locations.